A Sissy’s Work Never Goes Unnoticed

It takes a lot of work to transform a flat male ass into a beautiful sissy bubble butt.

I know what you want sissy…
You want a round girly butt.
Do you want an ass that gets attention?
Something that gets noticed?
Well, it’s time that you get what you want.
Workout goals? Let’s see…
Tiny waist? Thick thighs? Fat ass?
Yeah, you’re in the right place.
How to get girlier hips?
Work the glute medius.
Exercise bands, ankle weights, and leg raises.
Also, yoga pants.
The squat.
Thighs to parallel.
Knees not collapsing inward.
Drive with the glutes.
The glute bridge.
Works the glutes but not the quads. Focus on full extension.
Core exercises.
Core workouts can tighten your abdominals and take an inch or two off your waist.
From the back you look like a girl.
From the front? Well, close enough.
If you’re going to wear panties, you need an ass to fill them out…
You know, something… fuckable.
This was the goal all along, wasn’t it?
Your round ass slapping against your girlfriend’s hips?
Your friends were right!
A little time in the gym…
and your girlfriend couldn’t keep her hand off you.
This isn’t impossible. It just takes hard work.

Once you’ve achieved all of your sissy appearance goals. Your ass is full and firm. Your tits are supple with hard nipples. Your face is feminine and beautiful. When the man of your dreams sees all of this, his cock can’t help but stand up and take notice.

Big hard dick love your beautiful face. It wants to fuck your tits and penetrate your ass.

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